About us

Hey, my name is Benji…

With over 4 years experience I help men dealing with hair loss put an end to their discomfort and unhappiness with a procedure known as scalp micropigmentation.

My SMP journey began when I myself got the procedure done at a “prestigious” clinic downtown Toronto. I paid a premium price and left not feeling satisfied with either the service or product. I was treated as another number and dollar sign and pushed right along and left with unsatisfactory permanent work on my scalp. This propelled me into wanting to join the industry and make a real difference and make people proud of the product and service they are receiving. SMP quickly became my passion (obsession) and I continue to perfect my skills daily so that my clients are always left satisfied and feeling confident about themselves.

ModernPigment is a studio where you can be assured that you will be satisfied and feeling great when the procedure is done. Results are long lasting and guaranteed. We look forward to seeing you soon.